Welcome to Onyx Tails! A question I'm often asked is how I came up with the store name. The answer is simple-I'm not telling! Why? Because the actual reasoning behind the choice of name is quite dull so it's best to keep the allure and not tell  So who is the man behind the camera? Well, I'm a woman for starters and I'm not just a photographer! My name is Emma Haynes and I'm a photographer, artist, writer, musician and fellow craft lover. For the moment you will mostly see photography and artwork with the odd exception here and there. This is because I haven't had much time to focus in other areas recently. Things you can expect to find here in the near future: Jewellery Macramé Paintings Drawings Clothing Woodwork Photography Children's toys and Teddy bears For the moment I'm more than satisfied with that list because if I took on any more I'd have to outsource the work and that, for me, takes the point away from this. I do still do a great deal of commissioned work so if there is something you don't see in the shop please don't hesitate to contact me. All prints are available in any size.  

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